WL mark of Bigot in Hammer Throw, Mujaridze improved ETC record

On Sunday 10 March, the 19th European Throwing Cup in Šamorín, Slovakia, culminated with the next eight events. Quentin Bigot, who is the winner of the men´s hammer throw competition achieved the world leading mark in the fourth attempts 78.14 and he improved his own performance by 57cm. All his six attempts would be enough to take the victory! The 26-year-old Frenchman who was fourth at the 2017 World championships in London and former European junior champion from 2011 triumphed at the ETC second time in his career, after his victory in Las Palmas 2017. Bigot missed his personal best from 2014 with only 44cm.

“It was a very good competition for me. I managed to throw 77m at the French championships two weeks ago and I was throwing 78 metres at the training camp so I knew if the conditions were good I am able to throw even more. But the weather in Šamorín was a little bit bad. Otherwise, the organisation and conditions were very good for us and I think this was my best series of my life – many throws over 78, 77 metres. I think I was in the good shape in the right moment. I think the Greek guy was also in a good shape and maybe he would be able to attack 78m if he had one more attempt. But we do not know,” said Bigot.

Slovak medal hope in hammer Marcel Lomnický did not defend the silver from Leiria 2018 in the rainy weather and he ended up fourth out of 28 competitors in the home surroundings of the 19th ETC in Šamorín. He missed bronze by 32cm, silver by 37cm. However, his 76.01m throw secured the qualification standard for the IAAF World championships in Doha next autumn by 1cm.

 “I am more satisfied with my performance than with the placement. It has been some time since I managed to throw this far in Šamorín. It would have been even better if I won a medal. I missed it only by a couple of centimetres. Last year, I threw a bit less and still, I got silver. Now, it is more and I am out of podium. I did not throw badly but I was waiting for the perfect throw all the time. And it just did not come,” stated Lomnický.

The women´s shot put victory did not go to the favourite 2018 indoor champion Anita Márton of Hungary, as she had to satisfy with only bronze for 17.85 just like at the European indoor championships in Glasgow a week ago and in Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016.

The first place went to the 24-year-old Fanny Roos of Sweden. She was leading from the first round (18.30), she added 14cm more in second series and finally, achieving 18.44, she gained gold. She managed to break the 18m barrier in 4 of 6 attempts as the only competitor in the competition. Silver goes to Dimitriana Surdu of Moldova for 17.99m.

Fanny Roos: “I feel good, I am happy with my performance in this competition. The rain was OK; the weather did not affect me too much. I managed to pass 18 metres four times so it was a nice performance for me I think. Of course, I tried to throw even further but I just try to do my best in every competition.”

Unexpected results have been shown in the men´s javelin throw. The experienced 34-year-old Slovenian Matija Kranjc achieved 76.17 and did not expect to win with such performance. However, there was nobody throwing further in officially stronger Group A. Former world leader Mauro Fraresso, who lost the lead after the Saturday events, threw only 75m and ended on third place. Nor the 2017 European U23 champion Norbert Rivasz – Tóth did not make it further than Kranjc. In the fifth attempts, his javelin flew 76.11m which was 6cm less than the result of Kranjc, eighth from the 2014 European championships in Zurich.

In the women´s discus throw, Nadine Muller of Germany, the double European vice-champion (2014 and 2018) did not defend the title from Leiria 2018. She only achieved 59.74 and lost to her compatriot Shanice Craft with 5cm (59.79). Craft was three times third at the European championships (2014, 2016, and 2018). The record holder in the number of participations at the ETC (17!), silver from Rio Olympics in 2016 and the triple ETC winner Mélina Robert –Michon of France stayed off the podium on fourth place with 56.57. Bronze went to Irina Rodrigues of Portugal (58.05).

Shanice Craft:  “I wanted to throw far over 60m so I was a bit disappointed but in the end, I got the first place and helped the team. So I can be happy but still, I am a little bit disappointed with the result.“

The women U23 javelin competition saw Italian Sara Zabarino winning in the national record of this category achieving 58.62m with more than three metres ahead of the 2018 European youth champion Aliaksandra Konshyna of Belorussia. Zabarino, who was fifth at the 2018 World junior championships, improved her personal maximum with unbelievable 4.43m! Bronze went to the multi event specialist Géraldine Ruckstuhl of Switzerland (53.50). She was the 2017 World championships 11th heptathlete in London.

The women´s U23 hammer throw competition had its winner coming from Russia as the authorised neutral athlete Sofiya Palkina won the event. Former youth world champion from 2015 achieved 69.18 in second series and she missed the ETC record of Belorussian Soboleva from Leiria 2015 only with 77cm. The next two medals went to Belarus thanks to Nastassia Maslava (68.13) and Beatrice Nedberge Llano of Norway (67.89).

The winner of the men´s U23 category in the discus throw, Kristjan Čeh of Slovenia improved the national record in this category with 62.90m and he also took back the European leading mark after he lost it thanks to Philip Milanov of Belgium (62.63) in the men´s category last Saturday.

Giorgi Mujaridze of Georgia showed a great performance in the men´s U23 shot put by improving the ETC record three times – in second series (19.70), fourth attempts (19.76) and in the last attempts (20.27). The 21-year-old athlete, who did not make it to the Glasgow European indoor championships final a week ago, has improved his absolute personal maximum with 11cm.