Slovaks about their goals at ETC: Lomnický thinks of a medal in Hammer Throw

In the previous 18 years of the European Throwing Cup, the Slovak athletes started seven times. The premiere was in the 2nd year in Croatian Pula, but then they waited for the next attendance for various reasons up to 11 years. Starting in 2013, however, they start regularly at this event.
Slovakia has won three medals in the European Throwing Cup until today – silver in 2018 in Leiria, Portugal, thanks to the hammer thrower Marcel Lomnický. Bronze medals were added in 2002 by Miloslav Konopka in hammer and Marián Bokor in javelin throws.SLOVAKIA AT THE 19th EUROPEAN THROWING CUP IN ŠAMORÍN


MARCEL LOMNICKÝ (6. 7. 1987, ŠK Dukla o. z. Banská Bystrica, consultant Jolanta Kumurová), second start at ETC: 2018 Leiria 2nd in men´s hammer throw (75.97)

“We do not have a specific performance target in Šamorín, because the circle in Šamorín complicates the effort to throw far. Since we all will have the same conditions, I will concentrate only on the fight for the best possible placement. I only have one goal – to get a medal. ”

PATRIK ŽEŇÚCH (30. 12. 1990, Slávia TU Košice, coach Jozef Hanušovský), 6th start at ETC: 2013 Castellón 12th in men´s javelin (70.55), 2014 Leiria 14th in JT (72.13), 2015 Leiria 6th in JT (77.27), 2017 Las Palmas 7th in JT (74.30), 2018 Leiria 14th in JT (72.01)

Coach Jozef Hanušovský: “From Patrik, who has plenty of experiences from this event, I expect a performance around 76 to 77 meters and the placement in the top eight.”

MAXIMILIÁN SLEZÁK (2. 7. 1996, ŠK Dukla o. z. Banská Bystrica, coach Jozef Hanušovský), third start at ETC: 2017 Las Palmas 12th in men´s JT U23 (66.72), 2018 Leiria 8th in JT U23 (68.91)

Coach Jozef Hanušovský: “I suppose he could throw 71 – 72 meters at this stage of the season to finish up to 12th place.”


MARTINA HRAŠNOVÁ (21. 3. 1983, ŠK Dukla o. z. Banská Bystrica, coach Rudolf Lukáč), fourth start at the ETC: 2002 Pula 10th in women´s HT (60.87), 2014 Leiria 12th in women´s HT (65.79), 2015 Leiria 6th in women´s HT (69.25)

“This year is different because of the fact that the world championships are only at the end of September, and I am also planning to start at the World Military Games after that. The season will be incredibly long, so we’ve decided to build on a quality muscle preparation. So far, I’m on my way, although I’m not in the ideal hammer throwing form. I have made a few throws in the trainings so the performances are quite different. In Šamorín, I will try to show the best possible result, but for the given circumstances, I have no great expectations. I cannot even guess the shape of my opponents but I think it will be a good competition. ”


ADRIÁN BARAN (14. 12. 1999, MŠK Vranov nad Topľou, coach Jaroslav Kolcun), his second start at the ETC: 2018 Leiria 13th at SP U23 (16.42).

“I am very glad that the Slovak Athletics nominated me for the ETC, especially when it is organised in Slovakia. Every chance to represent my country is a big honour for me. I hope there will be many people coming to support us. My goal is to show the best possible result and to attack my personal maximum 16.84. That would really make me happy.”

MAREK TAŠKÁR (4. 1. 1998, ŠK ŠOG Nitra/University Texas El Paso, coach Mika Laaksonen and Mark Rodriguez), premiere at ETC

“I am very glad that I made it to the team and the university let me start at this event. Because I was struggling with injuries in 2018, my main goal is to stay healthy even after this competition. I have never thrown in March so the result will be a surprise for me. But I will do my best.”

SAMUEL KOVÁČ (13. 8. 1999, AC Stavbár Nitra, coach Roman Oravec), first time at ETC

Coach Roman Oravec: “This is Sam´s first year in the adults category, resp. in U23 category as well as his first start representing the national team. In the last season, just like during the winter training, we focused on the shot put a bit more, but he also attacked the level of 50m in discus last autumn. The start at the ETC will be a big experience for Samuel. We have no concrete goals so early in the season but we would be happy for the result on the level of 50m, which does not look impossible after acouple spring trainings.”


NATÁLIA VÁLEKOVÁ (17. 2. 2001, ŠK Dukla o. z. Banská Bystrica, coach Jozef Párička), her premiere at the ETC

Coach Jozef Párička: “We do not have big expectations. Her personal maximum puts Natália at the end of the starting field. Natália will try to fight for the best possible placement, but at her age – she is only eighteen and the second youngest in the starting field – we do not think much of the result. It is difficult to set a specific target in her case. But the start at the ETC will be a good experience for her. ”

JÚLIA HANULIAKOVÁ (16. 5. 2000, Slávia ŠŠ Trenčín, coach Eva Hanuliaková), her premiere at the ETC

“As it is my first start at such an important event, I would like to improve my personal best of 44.60m. Given that I was preparing in Slovakia in winter under conditions that are not favourable to the javelin throw, my shape is not hundred percent yet, but I will try to do my best and not to get injured. ”


TEAM LEADER: Martin Pupiš

COACHES: Eva Hanuliaková, Pavel Pankuch, Jozef Hanušovský, Jozef Párička, Rudolf Lukáč, Roman Oravec, Jaroslav Kolcun

DOCTOR: MUDr. Pavol Hajmássy

PHYSIO: Mário Gieci, Michal Grman