European Champion Nowicki also coming to Samorin!

The best European hammer throwers are coming to Samorin for the 19th European Throwing Cup, which will be held on 9th and 10th of March. The only one who will be missed – the World Champion in hammer throw, Pawel Fajdek.

“While I was at the training camp in Portugal I met the European champion from Berlin 2018, Wojciech Nowicki. He told me that he is coming to Samorin, because his daughter was already born, so he had nothing to stop him from starting at the European cup in Samorin. Well, it’s going to be a great competition, I’m looking forward to it, “ said Marcel Lomnicky, the fifth hammer thrower from OG 2016 in Rio. He will also defend his silver medal from last year in Leiria 2018.

From the duo of the two top Polish hammers, there will be only one competing. The defending champion and the three-time World champion, Pawel Fajdek cannot come. In September 2018 he got seriously injured while playing football.

Finally, seven Russian throwers got green light to compete and be able to start at EU in Samorin. The IAAF gave them a status of a neutral athlete.  From men there is the fifth man of the WCH 2017, Alexei Sokirski and his teammate Jevgenij Korotkovskij. In the same discipline, but women`s part there will be Anastasia Borodulin and Natalia Pospelovova, on the Discus Throw there is Alexei Chudakov, Alen Beliakov and Polina Sokolovova.