Mixed Relay: Premiere for the Great Britain

ŠAMORÍN, December 10, 2017 – British quartet Melissa Courtney, Cameron Boyek, Sarah McDonald, Tom Marshall have won the premiere mixed relay competition on 24th European Cross Country Championships on 6,28 km long track, with time 18:24.

The Brits came to the lead from the second part of the track and transformed their efforts into results. They were followed by the Czech republic and Spain. The last to run for Czech republic was 2015 Indoor European Champion in 1500 m, Jakub Holuša. The Brits, even without injured Charlie Grice (personal record 3:33,60 in 1500 m), have won with the difference of only one  second before the Czech quartet, and two seconds before the Spanish quartet.

Slovaks finished last – eleventh. Already after the first part, they were more than 20 seconds behind. In the finish line they were 2:07 minutes behind. The first part was run by Kristína Hegedüsová, other parts by Jozef Pelikán, Katarína Beľová, and Jozef Repčík.


Mixed relay (6,28 km): 1. Great Britain (Courtney, Boyek, McDonald, Marshall) 18:24, 2. Czech republic (Vrzalová, Sasínek, Mäki, Holuša) 18:25, 3. Spain (Pereira, V. Ruíz, Guerrera, J. Gómez) 18:26, 4. Sweden 19:02, 5. France 19:04, 6. Italy 19:10,… 11. Slovakia (Hegedüsová, Pelikán, Beľová, Repčík) 20:31.